A Note From Sittereco Founder


I'm Mana.  So great to meet you, I look forward to getting to know you...

I am first and foremost a mom, and then an entrepreneur.  I am building Sittereco for my family, for all the parents I know, and for women seeking empowerment and support in today's world.

Here is how it all started:

This inspiration sparked almost five years ago.  As two transplants with demanding corporate careers, we were stopped in our tracks when we had our first baby.  In that moment, everything changed.  Suddenly, all that mattered was making the best decisions we could for her...

But even with clear purpose as parents, we faced a major conundrum. Building two careers, eventually with two toddlers, as working transplants with minimal support - it was impossible to be in all places at all times.

I quickly realized the anxiety I felt as a working mom was no different from my parent friends. And so, in October 2015, I resigned from my corporate job, and embarked on the entrepreneurial journey to build a solution for all parents in a similar struggle.

I began by talking to every hands-on parent willing to open up. We talked in coffee shops, whispered on the phone late at night once the kids were asleep, really, whenever it worked in our hectic lives.

I heard over and over again, how stressful it was to find trusted childcare.  Thoughts like...I don't even know where to look for babysitters...I get incredible anxiety when my child care falls through and I cannot be at home...

I also started talking to babysitters across all phases of life, from college students, to nannies to retired women.  And in every story, what came through was the desire to build relationships, be valued and trusted, and find opportunity for additional income.

Further, we are living in an interesting time in history, where women's rights and closing the gender gap in the labor force have become prevalent topics of discussion.  Yet, even so, women make up only 1/5 of the rising self-employment workforce of Uber, Instacart, etc.

So you piece these world trends together, and through the context of babysitting, a field predominantly made up of females, here was an opportunity to empower women to seek self-employment.

The timing felt right to create a world where women, passionate about childcare, could find job opportunity by serving parents, who sought trusted support through their personal networks.  

Furthermore, I realized that these parents, in the thick of their careers, had opportunity to provide mentorship to young women role models who babysit.  And that these young women sitters, had the power to inspire little kiddos in a way different from parents.  And finally, that these kiddos, could be loved, supported, and surrounded by a multitude of role models.  

To think, we could create all of this, through a circle of empowerment across parents, sitters and women.

So, with that, Sittereco was born, built on the vision for all of us to unite, support, and empower one another. 

I wholeheartedly believe in three fundamental philosophies:

  • People need to be heard and valued.  We need to be supported to achieve great things.  
  • We are so much stronger together; together, we can bring clarity, love, and light.
  • Empowerment is critical for us to be our best selves, as parents, sitters, and women.

I want to support parents and babysitters, and create a world that serves to unite us in really powerful ways.  Ways we are just beginning to fully understand.

So as I share my story, I ask you to join me, and together, let's build our community on Sittereco.  We are so much stronger with you than we could ever be without you.

Warmest regards,