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Find, Invite, Contact, and Recommend Sitters and Parents  

Build Trusted Relationships.  Empower Young Women.  Surround Kiddos With Role Models.  Invest in Future Generations.  Break the Privilege Barrier...  

Together, the possibilities are endless...

 Photo Credit: Chryssi Keller

Photo Credit: Chryssi Keller

Our Beginning

The inspiration sparked almost four years ago.

As two transplant working parents, everything changed when we had our first baby.  

Suddenly, all that mattered was making the best decisions we could for her.  

But it felt impossible to make it all work without help...


Our Realization

With three seemingly unrelated discoveries...

1) This anxiety across parents is widespread

2) While self-employment opportunity grows rapidly with Uber, Instacart, etc., females in this workforce drastically lag behind

3) Cross-generational mentorship remains a major gap and need for future generations  

The timing felt right...

 Photo Credit: Chryssi Keller

Photo Credit: Chryssi Keller

Imagine a world where parents, in the thick of their careers, could seek babysitting role models for their kiddos while mentoring them, breaking the privilege barrier...

...where young women could seek career and life guidance from parents while inspiring the next generation of little ones...

...where little ones could be loved and surrounded by a multitude of people to look up to...

...and where together, we invest in future generations, while building trusted sitting solutions in the present...

“I want to support parents, sitters, and women, by creating something that serves to unite us in really powerful ways.  Ways we are just beginning to fully understand."

— Mana Bhatt Sanghvi, FOUNDER


And so, Sittereco was born.

 Photo Credit: Chryssi Keller

Photo Credit: Chryssi Keller

Our Purpose

Sittereco is a support system of personal networks: it is taking those we value in real life, using word-of-mouth recommendations to empower those we connect with, and ultimately, strengthening our Sitterecommunity.

We Are Stronger Together!

No matter what your role (parents, sitters, developers, designers, etc.), if you are passionate about our mission to unite, support, and empower one another, we want to hear from you!  

Together, let's redefine community.