The Sittereco 101

 Photo Credit: Chryssi Keller

Photo Credit: Chryssi Keller

Learn how Sittereco will work once in public beta mode!

In the meantime, sign up to be an ongoing closed beta tester! 

As a parent or sitter, you'll have two ways into the Sittereco app...


If you receive an email invite from a parent or sitter friend...

...first off, congrats!  Receiving an invitation is your friend's way of telling you how much they value you in their trusted community of support and empowerment.

Your email invite may include a recommendation highlighting your friend's appreciation of you, which will get posted to your profile once you sign up and connect with your friend.

Go ahead and follow instructions to download the app and join/create your Sitterecommunity from there! can download the app directly...

If you don't yet have any connections yet on Sittereco, but want to join the network, no worries! Download from the app store once we launch, and you can start building one.

As a parent, you'll see any Sittereco sitters within 70 miles of your zipcode on your Sitter tab.  Once you start building your own connections, friends who recommend sitters will rise to the top of your sitter list, regardless of zipcode.

As a sitter, you can go ahead and create your profile, allowing all Sittereco parents within 70 miles of your zip code to view your profile on their Sitter tab.  If they contact you for a sitting request, you'll be notified through your email from Sittereco.  Note, your email will only be visible to the parent once you respond to their request.

Once you're in...

As a parent and sitter, you'll be able to invite, connect, and recommend parent/sitter friends in your real life (through their email address) on the connections tab.  So go ahead and support and empower your friends to join you!

Only those you connect with can see your actual recommendations of other parents and sitters.    

Sitters, as you get more recommendations, you will rise up on a parent's sitter list, and hence, build more relationships in the context of sitting.

Parents, the more recommendations you receive, the more sitters will be excited to babysit for you!

Let's support and empower one another!  Parent to Parent.  Sitter to Sitter.  Parent to Sitter.  Sitter to Parent.  Mom to Mom.  Dad to Dad. Woman to Woman.  The connections go on...

And if that isn't exciting enough on its own, here's the kicker - in the short term, this service will be free.  The more feedback and engagement we get, the stronger we can make this support system.  So take advantage, lean on us, and lean on each other.  

Together, we got this. 

Next Steps...

For now, you can join our list-serve to sign up as a closed test beta user and we can invite you from there.  We'll take your feedback as we optimize for a public beta release (and you can contact those in the closed test from the getgo).  As for public beta release, stay tuned!