We Are Live! Download, Invite, RECOmmend, and Contact!

We are thrilled to share news that we are live in the App and Play stores!  

Here are some quick, easy steps to be on your way to building your own word-of-mouth network of RECOmmended parents and sitters:

1) Download the app and Create Your Profile

App Store

Google Play Store

2) Discover your personal babysitting RECOmmendations by connecting with your friends on the app.  The stronger your network on Sittereco, the more trusted sitting relationships will be available to you!

Here's How You Invite your Friends:

    a. Click the Invite button

    b. Click Contacts

    c. Invite your parent/sitter friends with a RECOmmendation (to be visible to your connected network if they accept). It will make their day! 

    e. Click Send and personalize your invitation.  Here's a message that will pre-populate (with a link to follow):

        "Check out Sittereco, an app for babysitting RECOmmendations from friends! Click to download & create account.  Then click this link again to connect with me!"

    f. Once you connect, you'll see each other's RECOmmendations of parent and sitter friends on your Discover tab under Recos in my Network.

The more connections you make, the more personal RECOmmendations you'll discover! Click on any of the profiles in your friends' RECOmmendations to send and receive babysitting messages.

Communities are strengthened by sharing. So go ahead, expand your network of trusted babysitting relationships now!  Click Invite to begin, and follow the steps above to build our community of support and empowerment!