We Believe We Are Making a Difference...and You Can Too...

As we reached two-months of being live last week, we are thrilled by our initial traction and your excitement to be on this journey with us.  We have officially broken 4500+ engagements, 450+ plus parents and sitters, and continued connection and sit requests!  Our network is growing and we are so thankful for your help in this community effort.

But in the spirit of reflection, we wanted to share two stories that bring us back to our purpose of why we exist...

The Power of RECOmmendations

Our members remind us of why we matter...RECOmmending is caring, valuing, and appreciating in Sittereco world.  And one thankful Dad wrote this RECOmmendation for a sitter he contacted on Sittereco.

"Whitney helped us out of a sitter jam. Walking in cold she handled our two kids (and my wife and I) like a champ. No doubt she knows what she is doing with kids."

This small gesture made life a little more manageable for a family, and Whitney got the appreciation she deserved.  As a result, their networks are stronger, as is there relationship.  And so, the Sittereco community becomes a little bit stronger...

So thank you for continuing to Invite, Connect, and RECOmmend people you value to make Sittereco more powerful for all of us.

The Power of Supporting One Another

We partnered with Alpha Phi last week at the University of Minnesota to host a woman empowerment panel.  Four working parents shared perspectives on everything from gender stereotypes in the workforce, to balancing work/life/career, and even networking, resume, interviewing tips.  Over an hour, we engaged in authentic dialogue with 150 bright, ambitious young women.

And while this was our third sorority panel, it was incredible as ever at inspiring and empowering all of us.  So much so, that Ellie A., a sophomore at University of Minnesota, wrote this note: 

"The panel left me feeling so empowered and proud to be a woman...you are truly making a difference in women's confidence by supporting women cross-generationally." 

If one hour commitment could make an entire sorority of women feel this way, then imagine if each parent shared a few minutes with each sitter over the course of their babysitting relationships.  

It's pretty amazing to think that empowering the next generation could result in them inspiring our little kiddos...isn't that what it's all about?

Life may be tricky and a balancing act across the different pulls of parenthood and all that surrounds it, but here's a reminder to you, that it's tricky because you matter, and everything  you juggle matters.  And we are all here to support you as we all work together to empower one another.