Celebrating Moms, Sitters, and our Growing Sittereco Team

As we close out May, we have many people in our Sittereco community to celebrate!


First, Happy Mother's Day (or Month :)) to all mamas out there.  We hope all the moms in our Sittereco community felt as celebrated and appreciated as they deserve to be!  


Second, we wanted to celebrate along with all of our sitters in school, on closing out the year!

Our senior developer, Paul Cantrell, invited us to Macalester College to support the final software design and development work of his students.  It was amazing to see the talent and competencies of the next generation!  

In fact, seeing products of their hard work over the course of a semester inspires our team to continue to work at bridging the gap of communication and experience between parents, sitters, and kiddos.  By joining forces across generations, we can create, inspire, and be so much more!


And in that spirit, our team has expanded to do exactly that.  This summer, we'll be partnering with another local startup to grow our team with three talented interns across University of Minnesota, Macalester College, and Carleton College.   

We're excited to drive forward and share product developments with you as we continue to grow our community of parents and babysitters!

Our progress is a product of our collective effort.  To highlight the talent of those who have helped us along the first leg of our journey, here's an article on Sittereco from Macalester that we're excited to share!

Happy Celebration To All of You on the (Almost) Start to Summer!