More Than Just A Babysitting App

Hi friends, I’m Erin.

Though I’m a Sittereco member like many of you as a Sitter on the app, my engagement goes deeper than the average user.

My journey into Sittereco went something like this...during my sophomore year at the University of Minnesota, Mana Sanghvi, the founder of Sittereco, came to my sorority, Alpha Phi, to lead a women empowerment panel. She and three other working mothers shared their highs and lows on their journey to “have it all” - as in parenting, career-ing, living (or maybe otherwise put, surviving).  The event was eye-opening...we never before had the opportunity to engage in honest dialogue with women in the peak of their careers outside of the interview setting.


After the panel discussion, Mana told her story which led to the creation of Sittereco. She then went on to describe an internship opportunity to test product/market fit across marketing channels. “This is perfect,” I thought, “what an awesome opportunity to grow and challenge myself, and work on a mission-led startup I believe in. Plus Mana seems super cool!” I applied, had an amazing interview, and got an offer to work for Mana during the summer of 2017.


Walking into the contemporary, bright orange office in downtown Minneapolis, at Bust Out Solutions the first day, I didn’t know what to expect. Everyone was amazingly welcoming and we all dove right in. Right from the beginning, I worked side-by-side with Mana, testing channels, analyzing customer data, and interviewing early adopters to develop insights and drive strategy.


I quickly realized that Sittereco was more than just a babysitting app or a place where parents can find a babysitter. While it is a platform for parents and sitters to find trusted recommendations, it’s also a vehicle for provide a method to strengthen your networks and find a mentor - so critical, if you’re an undergrad like me!


In the few short weeks that I’ve been on the Sittereco Team, I have learned so much.  We’ve moved quickly and driven in new directions as we seek ways of driving towards traction.  But my biggest takeaway has been understanding the meaning of working towards creating value for the people we serve.  In our case, I’m as committed as Mana and the team to supporting and empowering parents, sitters, and women.


Looking ahead to the upcoming weeks with Sittereco, I am eager to see how far we can take this product and the amount of growth we can stimulate. While many sitters are able to find mentors through the use of Sittereco, I was able to use the app to find one in a less conventional way; Mana is my guide through all-things-startup and as a result, I’m a total believer of Sittereco’s brand mission.  Join us in building an empowered community together!